Discover the Japan Adventure – Michinoku Coastal Trail – Sanriku Trail and Train

Discover the best of Japan Adventure tour, in Michinoku coastal trail with sustainable life.

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Discover the best of Japan adventure tour with a sustainable life.

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From Tanohata Village to Miyako City

A Trail Through Japan's Stunning Landscapes and Local Life

From Tanohata Village to Iwaizumi Town, and onto Miyako City, there’s a trail that immerses you in breathtaking views and the livelihood of the people.

The stretch from Tanohata Village to Miyako City covers approximately 72 kilometers (from Tanohata Station to Miyako Station). It’s a route where you can experience the awe-inspiring cliff faces, the picturesque beauty of Jodogahama Beach, and areas still bearing the scars of past earthquakes. Walking this path, you’ll witness the beauty of nature as well as its threats. The trail also takes you through numerous fishing ports, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who coexist with nature.

In Tanohata Village, you will trek through areas characterized by soaring cliffs, including the spectacular Unosu Cliff, whose name derives from the cormorant nests found midway up the cliffs. The sight of these bow-shaped cliffs, rising 200 meters and stretching in a screen-like formation, is truly magnificent. In summer, the area is a cool green, turning into bright autumn colors later in the year. The contrast of the emerald sea below against the marine blue offers a breathtaking view.

In Iwaizumi Town and Miyako City, the trail passes through multiple fishing ports and villages, where the remnants of great earthquakes are still recorded, reminding you of the threats posed by nature. Here, you can also sense the strength of the people who have faced these natural challenges and rebuilt their lives.

This area is known for its iconic scenic beauty. Besides Unosu Cliff, Miyako City is home to Jodogahama Beach, where sharp, white rhyolitic rocks stand in stark contrast, each with a unique shape, enhancing the beauty of the coastline. The contrast between the green of the pine trees, the white of the rock faces, and the deep blue of the sea is truly worth seeing.

But there’s more to the coastal trail than just the joy of the sea; Miyako City offers a wealth of seafood and beloved local eateries. The locals are incredibly friendly, welcoming all who visit. After a long walk, the warmth of the people and the satisfaction of a good meal is a comforting embrace. It’s a trail where you can enjoy not just the natural scenery but also the local cuisine and the company of warm-hearted people.