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Michinoku Coastal Trail Tour

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The Northern Michinoku Coastal Trail

The Northern Michinoku Coastal Trail

A trip to carve your own footprints while enjoying the varied terrain

The Michinoku Coastal Trail, which was created with the involvement of residents from the planning stage, is designed so that you can feel the daily lives of people living in Sanriku. Visit the local fish market and savor Sanriku delicacies. Experience traditional dance and immerse yourself in local culture. And most of all, interact with the people you meet along the way. Experience the trail as a traveler, not a tourist. That is the main attraction of the Michinoku Coastal Trail. This site introduces a 240km hike from Hachinohe City to Miyako City out of the over 1000km Michinoku Coastal Trail route for those who want to start the trail.

How to Section Hike North Japan's Michinoku Coastal Trail

How to Section Hike North Japan's Michinoku Coastal Trail

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Michinoku Coastal Trail and Train Routes Map

This website introduces the section of the Michinoku Coastal Trail, a route extending over approximately 621 miles (1000 kilometers), focusing particularly on the segment from Hachinohe to Miyako.
Trail and Train Map

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