Discover the Japan Adventure – Michinoku Coastal Trail – Sanriku Trail and Train

Discover the best of Japan Adventure tour, in Michinoku coastal trail with sustainable life.

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Discover the best of Japan adventure tour with a sustainable life.

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Local Guide Recommendations

My recommendation for walking

貫牛 利一

KANGYU Toshikazu
Kuji Wide-area Tourism Council

The Michinoku Shiokaze Trail Route has the best scenery in Japan, people’s lives and culture, history, and food culture that has been passed down through generations, and you can also enjoy the human interaction that is created while walking the trail.
The greatest attraction is the abundance of spots where you can experience the dynamic ocean landscape. The most beautiful cliffs in Japan, the unique scenery of the Rias coast, and the abundance of blessings are all on display.
There are also sections of the JR Hachinohe Line and Sanriku Railway Line where trains run, so why not take a trail and train walk?
Enjoy the unique pleasures of the sea trails awaiting you. Please come and join us for the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail Walk.

後藤 光正

GOTO Mitsumasa
Walking Tohoku Institute

Winter trails are my recommendation: in November there are still many areas where you can see autumn leaves, and in December the leaves fall and you can get a great view of the ocean side. And the comfort of walking along the coast while stepping on crunchy fallen leaves is also nice. The trail is also very special in the clear early morning air with a slightly chilly breeze and the morning sun rising over the Pacific Ocean horizon. The coastal area, where snow rarely piles up, is a great place to enjoy walking.

佐藤 千文

SATO Chifumi
Crescent Inc.

Riding the Sanriku Railway, you get off at your first station. This is where the excitement begins.
Are you on the trail?” and the local children greet you in a friendly manner. On the weekend of every month, take-out oden and taiyaki (fish-shaped pancakes) line the storefronts in the shopping district, and the temptation is so great that you can’t move forward at all (laugh)… and the fun conversations with the store mothers never stop…
Communication with local residents, which is something you don’t find on mountain trails, is very refreshing and makes you forget about everyday life. We recommend this kind of trail experience.

下舘 超希

Kuji City Industry and Economy Department Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division

The “Michinoku Shiokaze Trail” connects approximately 1,000 km along the magnificent Pacific Ocean.
There are many scenic spots along the Kuji City section of the coastal route. Samurai Rock” on Samuraihama Beach and “Kabuto Iwa and Tsurigane Cave” on Kosode Beach are representative of such spots, and the wild scenery of waves crashing against the bedrock is powerful. Visitors can feel the greatness of nature.
Kuji City was also the setting for the NHK television series “Amachan. One of the attractions of the city is that visitors can enjoy walking around the locations associated with the drama.

Hello! Welcome to the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail! Those of us who live along the trail look forward to meeting hikers in our daily lives.
I recommend all the residents who live here. We have been close to the ocean since we were small children, and have lived with the ocean’s bounty and sometimes its fangs. We have crossed mountains and descended valleys and lived in small communities, and the hikers have taught us the wonders of this place. If you see us, please say hello! I am too embarrassed to speak to you~~~laughs

前川 正樹

Fudai Village Tourism Promotion Office

赤坂 広太

Experience Village, Tanahata Network

In Kita Sanriku, there is a series of paths where you can feel the magnificence of the sea and the ease of the forests. Among them, I recommend the Tanohata area.
From Tanohata Station to the Desukeyama Banyagun, you can feel the memory of the earthquake and the reconstruction of the area. From the Deshokuhama Banyagun to Kitayamazaki, the path continues with a steep difference in elevation, so take it easy and use public transportation such as cabs to get around.
The Michinoku Shiokaze Trail course will give you a sense of enjoyment and awareness of “traveling” by walking.
Let’s enjoy it together!

The Michinoku Shiokaze Trail is not just a walking trail, but a trail where you can enjoy the culture, history, food, and scenery of the area while walking. Therefore, it is recommended that you take time to walk and experience what each place has to offer. For example, you can enjoy a meal with local people at a local market, participate in the Yono Emotion, which was started as a reconstruction activity, make salt in the traditional way, or kayak out to sea and enjoy the scenery from a different perspective. Why not experience the charm of a trail that can only be experienced here?

階 ケイティ

Michinori Travel Tohoku

西谷 雷佐

In-outbound Sendai-Matsushima

The Michinoku Shiokaze Trail includes several islands on its route, including Kinkasan and the Urato Islands. We love the unique scenery and lifestyle of the islands, and the ferry ride across to the islands.

As the name suggests, this trail is located along the Sanriku Coast, so you can enjoy the luxury of walking alongside the beautiful and dynamic coastal beauty. Above all, you will be welcomed by the warm hospitality of the local people, so you will surely have many memories besides walking. And of course, fresh seafood from the Sanriku region and the mountains! If you are looking for a relaxing and casual walk, I recommend Tanezaki Kaigan. If you are looking for a strenuous walk, Kitayamazaki to Tanohata is a tough route with a large difference in elevation, so it will give you a sense of adventure!

櫻庭 和歌子

Michinori Travel Tohoku