Discover the Japan Adventure – Michinoku Coastal Trail – Sanriku Trail and Train

Discover the best of Japan Adventure tour, in Michinoku coastal trail with sustainable life.

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Discover the best of Japan adventure tour with a sustainable life.

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Recommended Accommodations

Accommodation fees are approximate. Please check the rates by yourself as they vary depending on the season.

Update date: January 10, 2023

Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture

Hachinohe Grand Hotel

Access is about 20 minutes by car from Hachinohe Station, the gateway to the Shinkansen bullet train line, and about 8 minutes on foot from the nearest station, Hon Hachinohe Station. Excellent access to downtown within walking distance from the hotel.


Direct access from Hachinohe Shinkansen Station via the 2nd floor connecting passageway (6:00 – 23:30).

B&B Ishibashi

One minute walk from the nearest Tanesashi Kaigan Station. We welcome you with our sincere hospitality and fresh seafood.

Hirono Town, Iwate Prefecture

Guesthouse Hamanasu-tei

The first floor food and beverage hall is furnished with sofas and a fireplace to make you feel at home. It is also equipped with a shared kitchen, toilets, showers, and washrooms. In summer, you can enjoy dishes of northern sea urchins from the town of Hirono, and throughout the year, natural sea squirts, the town’s specialty, can be enjoyed.

Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture

Kuji Grand Hotel

An 8-minute walk from JR Kuji Station. A buffet breakfast includes local delicacies such as mamebu soup. A coin-operated laundry is within a 10-minute walk, making it a highly convenient business hotel type.

Noda Village, Iwate Prefecture


An inn overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy the spectacular ocean view and abundant seafood from the Sanriku coast. Wake up a little early and enjoy watching the morning sun rise from the open-air bath that the inn boasts. At the Noda Salt Workshop, located within the facility, you can take a tour and experience salt making by reservation only.

Fudai Village, Iwate Prefecture


Dishes that make the most of ingredients freshly picked from the fishing grounds and a large bath with a view will soothe your tired body after a long day of walking. At the store, you can also replenish your supply with kelp bars and other items that can be used as aid food.

B&B Michiai

The innkeeper is a former fisherman. You can enjoy freshly caught Sanriku seafood around a sunken hearth lined with fishing tools. Sea urchin, abalone, and scallops are especially recommended.

Tanohata Village, Iwate Prefecture

Hotel Raga-so

Ocean view and seafood cuisine. In the morning, you can enjoy the beautiful morning sun rising from the horizon, and at night, you can see the star-filled sky and fishing fires.

MIyako city, Iwate Prefecture

Nagisatei Taroan

Perched atop a gentle hill with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, Nagisatei Taroan is an exclusive ten-room Japanese ryokan that offers high-class accommodation. Guests can marvel at the majestic sea views of the Sanriku coast from the cliffs. Enjoy freshly prepared creative cuisine that brings out the original flavors of Sanriku’s seafood bounty, rooms complete with open-air baths, and a popular reservation-only rooftop bath with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

Jodogahama Park Hotel

Located on a hilltop within the national park, this hotel offers year-round scenic views. A mere ten-minute walk from Jodogahama Beach, which is also on the trail route, the hotel is popular for its restaurant brimming with the ocean’s bounty and its spacious public bath that offers a liberating experience.

Kyukamura Rikuchu-Miyako

A hotel where you can enjoy the crystal-clear sea, stunning coastal beauty, and the sunrise over the vast ocean. The Sanriku Sea nurtures the seasonal flavors that guests can savor. There is also a campground available.