Discover the Japan Adventure – Michinoku Coastal Trail – Sanriku Trail and Train

Discover the best of Japan Adventure tour, in Michinoku coastal trail with sustainable life.

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Discover the best of Japan adventure tour with a sustainable life.

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4 days and 3 nights with the best of The Northern Michinoku Coastal Trail's spectacular scenery (Luggage delivery experiment underway)

Reference price 150,000 yen

Prices may change depending on the season, so please contact us first.
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The Sea Trail is one of the world’s rarest coastal trails. You can feel the magnificent nature, the way of life of the people living there, and various cultures.
The Michinoku Shiokaze Trail is a unique trail that allows you to experience the magnificent nature, the way of life of the people living there, and various cultures.
We have prepared two courses with overnight stay plan with luggage delivery so that you can enjoy the trail in a relaxed and easy manner.

This tour is open to anyone who can walk 10 to 15 km for 4 to 5 hours a day, even if you are a beginner.

The trails will be somewhat hilly, but the tour is designed to be compact and easy to walk, making use of local trains.

What's Included

Before leaving for the tour

Preliminary online explanation 1 session, 60 min.

On tour

Course Information

Day 0
Overnight stay in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture

Upon arrival in Hachinohe, stay overnight at the Utori Hotel. Take a cab to the city center and enjoy the nightlife of the Hachinohe area.

Option: Bar hopping

八戸市 みろく横丁

Day 1
Hachinohe Station - Hirono Town

After breakfast, leave the hotel and take the train from Hachinohe to Same Station. We will walk to Kabura-shima Shrine and the entrance to the Michinoku Coastal Trail. It will take about 5 hours to walk to Oja Station. We will take a local train to Taneichi, where we will stay at the Hamanasu-tei Guest House, a popular seafood restaurant.

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Day 2
Hirono Town - Tanohata Village

After breakfast, check out and take the train to Fudai Station. From Fudai Station, hike through the scenic area to the Kitayamazaki Observatory. From Kitayamazaki to Hotel Ragaso, we will take a cab.

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Day 3
Tanohata Village - Kitayamazaki

After breakfast, we will check out and move from Hotel Ragaso to Kitayamazaki. Continuing from yesterday, we will walk the trail section nicknamed "North Alps" and return from Kitayamazaki to Hotel Ragaso. Here we will pick up our luggage, walk to Tanohata Station, catch trains to Miyako and Morioka, and transfer to the Shinkansen for our next destination.

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Travel itinerary

DAY 1 - 13km -

6:32 AM – Departure from Tokyo Station/Shinkansen Hayabusa No. 1/Departure from Sendai (8:05 AM)/Departure from Morioka (8:50 AM)
9:21 AM – Arrival at Hachinohe Station
9:29 AM – Departure from Hachinohe Station/JR Hachinohe Line
11:08 AM – Arrival at Kuji Station *Receive the bento from Mr. Shisaku, the wakame seaweed craftsman (Reservation required)12:07 PM – Departure from Kuji Station/ Sanriku Railway Line
12:21 PM – Arrival at Iwate-Noda Station (Lunch: Recommended Ramen at 2nd Floor Restaurant Purple)
1:00 PM – Start of Michinoku Coastal Trail (3.5 hours)
4:30 PM – Arrival at Eboshi-so (Accommodation: Eboshi-so)

DAY 2 - 18.3km -

7:30 AM – Departure from Eboshi-so (1-hour trail to Horinai Station on Sanriku Railway)
8:33 AM – Departure from Horinai Station/Sanriku Railway Line
8:47 AM – Arrival at Fudai Station/Sanriku Railway Line
9:00 AM – Start of Michinoku Coastal Trail from Fudai Station (2.5 hours)
Lunch and shopping in the local market
11:30 AM – Arrival at Kurosaki-so (Lunch/Break)
12:15 PM – Departure from Kurosaki-so
3:00 PM – Arrival at Kitayamazaki
3:30 PM – Departure from Kitayamazaki (Pickup/Accommodation Facility Transfer)
3:45 PM – Arrival at Kurosaki-so (Accommodation: Kurosaki-so)

DAY 3 - 10.7km -

8:15 AM – Departure from Hotel (Accommodation Facility Transfer – Advance confirmation required)
8:30 AM – Start of Michinoku Coastal Trail after arriving at Kitayamazaki (3.5 hours)
11:30 AM – Arrival at Tsukuehama House (Lunch/Break)
12:30 PM – Departure from Tsukuehama Houses (2 hours)
2:30 PM – Arrival at Tanohata Station
3:03 PM – Departure from Tanohata Station/Sanriku Railway Line
3:49 PM – Arrival at Miyako Station
3:54 PM – Departure from Miyako Station/JR Yamada Line
6:21 PM – Arrival at Morioka Station
6:50 PM – Departure from Morioka Station (Tohoku Shinkansen/Hayabusa No. 42/Connection)
7:29 PM – Arrival at Sendai Station
9:04 PM – Arrival at Tokyo Station

komoot Post

DAY 1 - 13km -

DAY 2 - 18.3km -

DAY 3 - 10.7km -


Courses can be arranged by arrangement, including adjustment of the number of days and optional tours of various regions (Hachinohe: bar hopping tour).
Please contact us for more information, including prices. 

In-Outbound Sendai-Matsushima Inc. (Contact: Mitsumasa Goto)

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