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Discover the best of Japan adventure tour with a sustainable life.

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Michinoku Coastal Trail Tour

Spectacular view of Kita Sanriku 3 days / 2 nights (For advanced)

Difficulty level

The area has a lot of ups and downs, but that is what creates such spectacular scenery here.
While the green season is of course recommended, the winter trail in November and December is especially recommended.
The leaves fall off the trees, and walking along the ridgeline, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean in front of you while stepping through the fluffy fallen leaves. This area is recommended in winter because not only does it rarely snow, but there are no insects in winter.

View Points

Course Information

  • Distances listed are approximate distances within the trail course.
  • There are individual differences in walking time, so please consider the above course as a reference time only.
  • Please note that the number of trains are limited when using the Sanriku Railway.
  • If you miss the train, it is convenient to use a local taxi.
    ※For areas without taxi service, please consult the taxi company in the arrival (destination) area.
Day 1
About 3hours 30 minutes
After taking the Shinkansen and a local train, head to Rikuchu-noda Station.

When you arrive at the station, go to the restaurant on the second floor of the station and fill up on ramen, a popular local dish.
From there it is a 3.5 hour trail to Eboshi-so. A coffee break at a scenic spot while walking along the coastline along the way is also recommended. This route will give you a taste of the local way of life. The goal of the day is reached when you arrive at Eboshi-so, which is built on top of a small hill.

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Day 2
About 6hours 30min
After breakfast, walk for about an hour to the nearby train station, and take a local train to Fudai Station.

Enjoy shopping for lunch while interacting with local people at the shopping street lined with various stores. After walking on a trail where you feel so close to the ocean that you can feel the splashing water, you can enjoy the second half of the tour on a trail in the forest. Feel the contrasting path between the ocean and the mountains.

After arriving at Kitayamazaki lookout, transfer to the accommodation facility by hotel pickup.
*Pick-up is available with the Kurosakiso Hiker Accommodation Plan. Confirmation

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Day 3
About 5hours
After breakfast, transfer to Kitayamazaki by hotel shuttle.

The trail re-starts from Kitayamazaki lookout with a spectacular early morning view. From here, descend over 700 steps, and then take a look up 200 meters to enjoy a view only for those who have walked the trail. There are more ups and downs after that, but that is why the view is so dynamic here. This section of the course is known as the Northern Alps as ot has so many ups and downs. (About 3 hours)

After reach Tanohata station, where you will take a train back to Miyako, and then on to Morioka city, before transferring to the bullet train to your next location.

※For lunch, you can request a boxed lunch by consulting Kurosaki-so.

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Travel itinerary

DAY 1 - 13km -

6:32 AM – Departure from Tokyo Station/Shinkansen Hayabusa No. 1/Departure from Sendai (8:05 AM)/Departure from Morioka (8:50 AM)
9:21 AM – Arrival at Hachinohe Station
9:29 AM – Departure from Hachinohe Station/JR Hachinohe Line
11:08 AM – Arrival at Kuji Station *Receive the bento from Mr. Shisaku, the wakame seaweed craftsman (Reservation required)12:07 PM – Departure from Kuji Station/ Sanriku Railway Line
12:21 PM – Arrival at Iwate-Noda Station (Lunch: Recommended Ramen at 2nd Floor Restaurant Purple)
1:00 PM – Start of Michinoku Coastal Trail (3.5 hours)
4:30 PM – Arrival at Eboshi-so (Accommodation: Eboshi-so)

DAY 2 - 18.3km -

7:30 AM – Departure from Eboshi-so (1-hour trail to Horinai Station on Sanriku Railway)
8:33 AM – Departure from Horinai Station/Sanriku Railway Line
8:47 AM – Arrival at Fudai Station/Sanriku Railway Line
9:00 AM – Start of Michinoku Coastal Trail from Fudai Station (2.5 hours)
Lunch and shopping in the local market
11:30 AM – Arrival at Kurosaki-so (Lunch/Break)
12:15 PM – Departure from Kurosaki-so
3:00 PM – Arrival at Kitayamazaki
3:30 PM – Departure from Kitayamazaki (Pickup/Accommodation Facility Transfer)
3:45 PM – Arrival at Kurosaki-so (Accommodation: Kurosaki-so)

DAY 3 - 10.7km -

8:15 AM – Departure from Hotel (Accommodation Facility Transfer – Advance confirmation required)
8:30 AM – Start of Michinoku Coastal Trail after arriving at Kitayamazaki (3.5 hours)
11:30 AM – Arrival at Tsukuehama House (Lunch/Break)
12:30 PM – Departure from Tsukuehama Houses (2 hours)
2:30 PM – Arrival at Tanohata Station
3:03 PM – Departure from Tanohata Station/Sanriku Railway Line
3:49 PM – Arrival at Miyako Station
3:54 PM – Departure from Miyako Station/JR Yamada Line
6:21 PM – Arrival at Morioka Station
6:50 PM – Departure from Morioka Station (Tohoku Shinkansen/Hayabusa No. 42/Connection)
7:29 PM – Arrival at Sendai Station
9:04 PM – Arrival at Tokyo Station

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DAY 1 - 13km -

DAY 2 - 18.3km -

DAY 3 - 10.7km -

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Courses can be arranged by arrangement, including adjustment of the number of days and optional tours of various regions (Hachinohe: bar hopping tour).
Please contact us for more information, including prices.

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